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DOI announces Free Public Transport during rush hour for Laxey, Baldrine and Onchan

A rise in post-pandemic car use and the prom disaster have lead to an explosion in traffic, free bus journeys are being touted as a solution to Douglas's clogged roads.

If you can prove you live in Onchan, Baldrine and Laxey, you can get a Go Places travel card loaded with 18 free journeys from the welcome centre.

This comes after a year of campaigning by environmentalists on the Isle of Man for Free Public Transport. Free Public Transport has been shown to have environmental and economic benefits by reducing congestion, pollution, car use and cost for commuters in traffic clogged towns and cities. The Go Places cards are valid for journeys taken Monday to Friday 7.30am-9am and 4.30pm-6pm, from Monday 27 July until Friday 4 September. Go Places cards will be available from Friday 24 July for use from Monday 27 July. Residents of Onchan, Baldrine and Laxey can claim their card by visiting the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal in Douglas with proof of identification and address. One Go Places card can be collected per adult, and the fare band of the card will be allocated based on address and the distance to central Douglas. All timetables, plus further information on Go Places cards and how to top up, can be found at Residents in other parts of the country have expressed interest in this idea and it is yet to be seen whether this will be rolled out across the island. It is still unclear why commuters will have to face the bureaucracy and registration associated with collecting cards rather than simply being able to climb on buses unimpeded. This scheme is a welcome embrace of environment solutions to infrastructure shortfalls and if you are eligible, you should get sign up for the scheme to ensure that innovative policy by government is rewarded and encouraged in future.


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