Taxpayers will continue to pay racist man to represent the Isle of Man on national radio

The island's broadcasting watch dog has ruled that Stu Peters did not the breach the programme code after he ridiculed and dismissed callers of colour as they spoke about racism on the Isle of Man.

This is not the first time Stu Peters has been in hot water for comments he has made on the programme. He has previously annoyed listeners after he suggested sexual assault is partly a woman's fault on account of how she decides to dress, and that parents of disabled kids should keep them at home as not to 'inconvenience' the general public at restaurants. His comments on race during his June 3rd show prompted public outrage as more than 4700 people, more than five percent of the nation's population, signed a petition calling for his removal from the show. Tax payers have questioned whether they should pay a man with repugnant views to represent them on their national radio station, or whether a station struggling to attract young listeners can afford to keep alienating a growing segment of the population. A series of powerful conservative forces have taken up defense of Stu Peters including the Daily Mail, Katie Hopkins and "free speech groups" based in England. Incidentally, Katie Hopkins has since been banned from Twitter for violations of Twitter's hateful conduct policy. For now, it seems frustrated tax payers and Manx Radio will have no choice but to pay to have a divisive and controversial figure represent the country on a government owned radio station.

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